Hi, I'm Frank...

I'm a licensed Chiropractor with a Masters Degree in Nutrition and I work with physicians to market therapeutic grade supplements in their practices. I also coach at a local CrossFit Box and have been for the past 6+ years. I enjoying traveling and speaking at conferences on health and nutrition around the US.

I truly enjoy coaching individuals to reach their vision of health and wellness. That can look different for each person. 

Maybe you are looking for a workout routine you can stick to or a Nutrition Plan that isn't so complicated you lose interest by day 3. 

It is my goal to cut through the "Nutritional Noise" to bring clarity to your vision and to help you find what will effectively work for you long term. There is no "one size fits all" approach to health. Yes, you can use pre-made meal plans to get you started, but if you want success and accountability for a larger goal and effective long term solution you need a coach!

Just like anything else in life, if you don't plan, then by default you are planning to fail. When it comes to Retirement Planning, Buying a House or any other important aspect of your life you find professionals to help you plan out your goal to accomplish it in the most efficient and effective manner. That is what I do for people when it comes to their health and Nutrition goals. 

The problem I see the most is that when people are ready to make a change they don't know where to begin and too often they will choose something far to complicated that immediately sets them up for failure. They have good intentions but a poor execution plan, or one that is simply not realistic to begin with. 

Maybe you can relate... have you ever started something and not finished? Maybe a workout routine, or a diet plan or weight loss goal? The number one reason you might of failed is that the initial steps were actually too big!

Habits are formed by small continuous actions that become automatic OVER TIME. I help people like you find success with simple nutrient solutions and education packaged together for your specific needs. No matter what stage of starting you are in, I can help you reach the goals you have been thinking about for so long but haven't been able to achieve. 

I call this The Nutrient Fix.

Chances are you will find yourself in one of 3 categories...

1. Spectator: Just here for the free resources...we got you! Enjoy our blog, podcast and educational content meant to help you with that "Quick Fix". We also have semi-annual fitness challenges that you can partake in. 

2. The Do-It-Yourselfer: The disciplined and experienced goal setter who has just fallen off track a little and needs some basic recommendations and accountability to get them on track again. These people will find value with "The Simple Fix" Plan because they already have some of the habits nailed down but need direction again to get back on track quickly.

3. The I Need a Plan: You want a plan, a place to start, someone to help you identify where to start and how to continue with the vision. Choose "The Moderate Fixwhere you will receive a selected meal plan for you, supplement recommendations, coaching on what to eat and accountability to get you through the first month with the option of continuing on a monthly basis. 

4. The Comprehensive: You want it all, Specific Tailored Coaching that fits your exact needs. Maybe you want a detailed meal plan for weight loss, sports/athletic training, dietary food restrictions or allergies. "The Comprehensive Fix" includes at a minimum 3 months of one-on-one support, direction, accountability to help you achieve a nutrition or health goal that you can't do on your own. It will also include tailored supplement recommendations to meet areas where you may be depleted nutritionally. The option to extend the coaching longer is included at a discount. 

Ready to take the next step? Ready to plan to be successful? Start here by filling out our intake form to see what Nutrient Fix might be right for you! 

Ready to start now, click the let's talk button below! I am excited to walk along side you on this journey to reaching your biggest goals!