Simplicity is So Sweet

Have you ever felt like you are overwhelmed by all "the things" in your life that demand attention and maintenance. Maybe it's the yard on a Saturday, or shoveling snow in the winter. Or maybe you want to give more time and intentional care to your family and kids but the demands of keeping up an entire household is making you feel SO overwhelmed.

"Life is more than the maintenance of things"...

Maybe trying to eat healthy seems like such a chore because you have to find recipes that fit into your specific lifestyle, food sensitivities etc. and then you have PLAN out your week and then PREP the food and then PACK it for school or work.

I GET IT. Our family has felt these same feelings and we know life needs a simple solution. One that isn't taking time away from the ones you care about, and leaves time to do things you actually want to do.

We love hiking and being able to get outdoors in the summers and when it is cold in the Midwest we find things to do inside, like read all the books and blog great ideas and... well you get the picture.

I want to do all these things and still be able to simply eat healthy too.

We have made a week, month and years worth of food planning for dinner so simple that even MY FAMILY can implement it. You know why? There is no crazy planning involved. It is so simple that you can go to the grocery store and conquer your purchasing without stress, hours of planning and prep.

Want to get your hands on this template? Stay tuned until December 2019 to see how a family of 4 or even 10 can make eating healthy simpler than ever.

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